About Us

About UsAbout Us and the Mission Statement of Laguna Presbyterian Church: Our mission focuses on discovering who God is and the depth of Christ’s love, developing individual spiritual gifts, and demonstrating the love of God through Jesus Christ to the world.

We long to be disciples of Jesus Christ who seek to know him and to walk with him through all of the seasons of our lives, sharing our faith stories in small group settings. We celebrate God’s grace through worship, Christian education, spiritual deepening and outreach to the community and the world. We extend God’s hospitality to all through ministries of healing, reconciliation, evangelism and justice.

We are committed to comforting and praying for each other in times of trial, reading and studying the Word of God and bringing it to bear on our daily lives. Together we celebrate the sacraments of communion and baptism throughout the year.

Our rich history, our exceptionally devoted pastors and our vibrant, committed congregation keeps us rooted in Jesus and on track in our lives. Together, we lift high Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and commend him to a world in great need.

Come, join in worship this Sunday.