Elders Deacons

crosses made from the ladder of the original churchElders Deacons make up the leadership of Laguna Presbyterian Church forming what is called, Session.

The Church’s ordered ministries described in the New Testament and maintained by this church are deacons and presbyters (teaching elders and ruling elders). Ordered ministries are gifts to the church to order its life so that the ministry of the whole people of God may flourish. – G-2.0102 Book of Order PCUSA, Ordered Ministries

Please visit our Pastoral Staff page to learn more about our gifted pastors.


Ruling Elders

leaders-shoes-lpcwebAs in the Old Testament, the New Testament Church chooses as elders people with particular gifts in governing and ministry. Elders are elected by members to faithfully serve on the governing board called the Session.

Session, 2017

Christian Education Elders Cheryl Beehan, Judy Bell

Membership Fellowship & Evangelism Elders:  Susan McGill, Debbie Regele, Terri Shubin

Mission/Outreach Elders: Alice Jensen, Caroline Millson

Property & Finance Elders: Gus Altuzarra, Steve Donner, El Hathaway, Paul Machin, Christy Miller, Ed Sauls

Stewardship Elders: Ron Hubbard, Tom Magill

Worship Elders: Margie Bell, Wendy Huntley

Treasurer: Christy Miller

Clerk of Session: Bobbette Cameron

Moderator of Session: Rev. Dr. Jerry Tankersley

Deacons – Ministry of compassion and service

Deacons serve as Christ’s hands and feet in our own community as they nurture members of the congregation with friendship and compassion. Our parish deacons serve assigned geographic areas of our membership, providing ongoing care and nurture through frequent contact, hospital visitation, new member integration, and memorial service hospitality. Contact the church office if you do not know who your deacon is; we want to help you make this connection.

Co-Moderators: Kim Timmins, Alice Yensen
Advisor: Rev. Dr. Kathy Sizer

Deacon of Youth: Kevin Herr

Preschool Deacon: Heather Hines

New Member Deacons: Anna and George Kefalas

Deacons at Large: Andrea and David Galante, Maggie Hatfield, Judy Jameson, Michele Luna, Debra Waller

Deacons by Parish

Parish 1, Patti Sheiner
Parish 2, Dick and Nance Baird
Parish 3, Dave Sizer
Parish 4, Marcela McKibben
Parish 5, Patricia Angus
Parish 6, Celeste and Igor Toro
Parish 7, Kim Timmins
Parish 8, Chuck and Lori Kollmann
Parish 9, Lindsay Williams
Parish 10, Valerie Hunt
Parish 11, Chris Larek
Parish 12, Linda & Skip Del Crognale
Parish 13, Sandy Katz
Parish 14, Dave Swan
Parish 15, Alice and Russ Yensen
Parish 16, Tom Jones
Parish 17, Susan Davis
Parish 18, Meg Schaefer
Parish 19, Shelby Rigg
Parish 20, Margaret Arnold
Parish 21, Sandra Montag
Parish 22, Jackie Proctor
Parish 23, Karen Myers