Personal Stories on Video

Watch and listen to the personal stories of how our church touches lives ~ the fruits of its mission and vision.

2 VIDEOS:  Margie Bell; the Altuzarra Family

Paid in Full • alive for mission, Margie Bell

Paid in Full • alive for mission, Gus, Kelly and Charlie Altuzarra


Remember!  Rejoice!  Rededicate!

Photo the 1928 LPC completed sanctuaryREMEMBER the sacrifice and vision of 15 men and women, who in 1917 joined together to form a new church. A people whose vision was to provide a place of worship to all who came to what was then a small vacation town.




REJOICE that for 84 years, our beautiful sanctuary has been here at the most important crossroads in the heart of Laguna Beach. We have been the spiritual home for thousands who have worshiped here and we have touched the lives of thousands more through our caring ministries and our missionaries. Many have received the call to become Ministers of the Word and Sacraments from this spiritual home that also has supported their calls.



REDEDICATE the vision and mission of Laguna Presbyterian Church: to serve as Christ would serve the spiritual and physical needs of the community and in the world beyond Laguna Beach. Generations have maintained and renewed our Sanctuary to keep this vision and mission alive. Now, it is our privilege and responsibility to continue their legacy.