Meet Our Pastors

Pastoral staff of LPC includes Rev. Dr. Steve Sweet and Rev. Dr. Kathy Sizer. We are blessed with a gifted support staff.

SENIOR ASSOCIATE PASTOR, Rev. Dr. Steve Sweet, Email:

ASSOCIATE PASTOR, Rev. Dr. Kathy Sizer, Email:

PARISH ASSOCIATE, Rev. Jon Moore, Email:


Support Staff

Business Manager:  Leah Lind
Children’s Education:  Maggie Craig, Gail Onodera
Director of Choral Music:  Linda White
Facilities Manager:  Ray Martin
Financial Administrator:  Caroline Millson
Laguna Presbyterian Preschool: Anne Herzog, Director
Memorial Service Coordinator: Karen Myers
Middle School Director, Caravan: Abby Garcia
Parish Associate:  Jon Moore
Prayer Chain:  Nancy Wade
Weddings (by appointment): Lori Hathaway
Worship Leader:  Beth Pinney
Youth Ministry (Jr. & Sr. High and Family):  Steve Sweet, Sr. Associate Pastor