LPC Staff

Jerry Tankersley, Jon Moore, Steve Sweet, Kathy Sizer, Jim McCluskey
Jerry Tankersley, Jon Moore (Front Row, left to right), Steve Sweet, Kathy Sizer, Jim McCluskey (Back Row, left to right)

Pastoral Staff

SENIOR PASTOR, Rev. Dr. Jerry Tankersley, Email: jtankersley@lagunapreschurch.org

ASSOCIATE PASTOR, Rev. Dr. Steve Sweet, Email: ssweet@lagunapreschurch.org

ASSOCIATE PASTOR, Rev. Dr. Kathy Sizer, Email: ksizer@lagunapreschurch.org

PARISH ASSOCIATE, Rev. Jim McCluskey, Email: jimcmccluskey@gmail.com

PARISH ASSOCIATE, Rev. Jon Moore, Email:  jsm.laguna@gmail.com

Staff Members:

December 18, 2013:  LPC’s Financial Administrator, Elizabeth Strong, is moving bank to Hawaii on December 21st with her family.  Local resident Jackie Chamberlin has assumed the Financial Administrator role at LPC.  We wish Elizabeth and her family all the best, and welcome Jackie to our church family.

Administrative Assistant:  Mary Reiner
Adult Education:  Kathy Sizer, Associate Pastor
Children’s Education:  Maggie Craig, Gail Onodera
Deacons, Board of:  David Swan
Director of Choral Music:  Linda White
Facilities Manager:  Ray Martin
Financial Administrator:  Jackie Chamberlin
Middle School Director, Caravan:
Office Manager:  Sandy Grim
Parrish Associate:  Jon Moore
Prayer Chain:  Nancy Wade
Laguna Presbyterian Preschool: Anne Herzog, Director
Seniors & Visitation:  Jim McCluskey
Weddings (by appointment): Shirely Aubert
Worship Leader:  Beth Pinney
Youth Ministry (Jr. & Sr. High and Family):  Steve Sweet, Sr. Associate Pastor