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Deconstructing The House of God

The Laguna Presbyterian Church sanctuary which has stood at the center of Laguna Beach, California, since 1928 is now literally being deconstructed.  We have begun a process of preserving this treasured building.  I would encourage you to connect to the church’s website in order to view the pictures of the work in progress.  Link with the Open Door in order to see the weekly posted pictures.

Even in the deconstruction phase, the inside of the sanctuary is beautiful.  I love the light and shadows of the pictures.  They have been taken by Rick Lang, our member photographer.  We hope to have the project completed by Easter 2009.  The outside and inside of the building will look much the same as before, except with the infrastructure redone, with light, sound, and liturgical integrity renewed and reformed.  We are all so grateful to those who have given to make this possible. 

This preservation work is very expensive, but for the sake of preserving and saving our sanctuary for the future mission of our church, we have develped the plan over the past five years, received all the approvals we have needed and are moving forward.  If you would like to help us do this, please send a contribution to Laguna Presbyterian Church, Open Door fund.

Happy New Year, Jerry Tankersley

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