BapstimsBaptisms are a part of our regular Sunday morning worship. If you are considering baptism for yourself or for your child or children, please call our church office to learn when the next instruction class in baptism will take place.

Have you decided to be baptized? Great!

Why is baptism a part of Sunday worship?

When a person is baptized during a worship service, the congregation is reminded of how God gives each of us a brand new identity in Christ. As a congregation, we strive to support each other in the Faith as we remember our own baptisms, whether as infants or adults and rededicate ourselves to living out our new lives in Christ.

What is baptism?

Baptism is one of two sacraments—the other is the Lord’s Supper—which is celebrated in worship at Laguna Presbyterian Church as a sign and seal of God’s grace to us in Jesus Christ: a visible sign of an invisible reality.

What is the significance of baptism?

In baptism, we are symbolically cleansed (baptism is a Greek word which means “wash”) before being welcomed into the family of God as brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a sign and seal of God’s promise—his new covenant—to be with us as we begin our Christian journey.

Baptism is not a private rite but a public celebration.

kaden_baptism2016When Jesus was baptized, he heard his Heavenly Father proclaim: “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.” – Luke 3:22

As we emerge from “burial” in the waters of baptism into new life in Christ, we re-enact Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, and are newly identified with him, dying to sin and being raised again.

What about infant baptism?

Christian parents are encouraged to bring their children to receive baptism as a mark of belonging to God’s chosen people. In infant baptism, parents are asked to affirm that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior and that they will raise their child to know him, to be his disciple, and to show his love.

What about children and older adult baptism?

Older children and adults who have never been baptized are baptized when they have responded, “Yes!” to God’s love through Jesus Christ and accepted his invitation to come into relationship with Him as their Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer.

Saying yes to God in Christ also means saying yes to the body of Christ, which is the Church. Baptism goes hand-in-hand with membership in the Church.

What about re-baptism?

We believe that one baptism is sufficient for all of one’s life, whether it is done as an infant or at the age of belief.