Memorial Services

General Information on Memorial Services

calla lilyA Christian memorial service is a worship service which offers an opportunity for loved ones to give thanks to God for the life of the deceased and to hand him or her over to the loving arms of Jesus Christ, our Savior. In our memorial services, we affirm that Jesus, in his own death and resurrection, defeated the ultimate power of death, and because He lives, we too, shall continue to live with him forever.

Our church family prays that God’s grace will be with you as you face this time of loss. We want to extend God’s love to you in what we know is often a difficult time.

Where to Have the Service?

The Church is normally the preferred location for memorial services for Christian believers. Memorial services at Laguna Presbyterian Church may be arranged in the Sanctuary, which comfortably seats up to 350.

The casket is normally not present. If it is present, it remains closed. When a viewing of the body is desired, it can be arranged in a room at the mortuary.

Graveside services are usually held before or after the memorial service for committing the body or the ashes to the ground. If the deceased requested a fraternal lodge service, it is held separately, perhaps as a graveside service, rather than being integrated into our regular memorial service.


Often a simple meal or a reception is beneficial for extended family or out of town guests. When the burial precedes the worship service, a reception in Tankersley Hall gives guests an immediate opportunity to express their love and concern for the family after the service. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on campus.

Music, Scripture, Programs and other Questions

Iona Cross in the Sanctuary of LPCFor more information on the details of planning a memorial service, and for associated fees, please download our Memorial Brochure. It will answer many of your questions.

To speak with the church about planning a memorial service, please contact the church office at 949.494.7555, or email us.