Grow Deeper

bible-study-wed-am-lpcwebAt Laguna Presbyterian Church, you’ll find people who are new to the Christian faith or the Presbyterian church, as well as life-long Presbyterians. We welcome you where you are in your journey and pray that you will find this community to be thoughtful and responsive as we discover together who God is, and as we explore ever more fully the depths of Christ’s love.

We invite you to join in and grow deeper in your faith.



Attend a Pastor-Led Weekly Bible Study

Jerry teaching at Bible StudyOur pastors lead us through the Scripture passages in preparation for Sunday’s sermon. It’s a great way to think through and to grasp what the Bible says about the topic of the week. Everyone is welcome – beginners or long-time Bible students. There is no homework or registration required.

Drop-in whenever you can.

  • Tuesdays, 9:15AM, Youth Center
  • Wednesdays, 7AM, Youth Center


Join a Lenten Study Small Group
“Traveling Light” by Eugene Peterson

Free? As citizens of this country, of course we are! Or perhaps not? Too often we can’t seem to get free from our old patterns and live the abundant life of Jesus.

This Lenten season you are invited to join a small group to discuss Eugene Peterson’s book, “Traveling Light.” Peterson writes about how St. Paul’s letter to the Galatians created a new sense of freedom in the lives of Christian disciples. If you would like to experience that same kind of freedom from fear, then join in community to reflect on the book and the corresponding sermon texts. Even if you participate in one of the Tuesday or Wednesday morning studies, consider joining a small group so you can engage with the texts and each other.

Multiple group days / times available:

  • Sundays, 11:15am, Mike Millson leading
  • Tuesdays, 7pm,. Gary Mills leading
  • Wednesdays, 9:45am, Judy Bell leading
  • Thursdays, 5pm, Virginia Grogan leading

Sign-up on the Church Patio or email Kathy Sizer for more information.

Join a Women’s Bible Study and Grow Deeper Relationships

Whatever your stage in life, we have opportunities for you to grow in your faith and in your relationships with God and other women. Click on the link below for more information on our women’s programs.

For more information, contact: Rev. Kathy Sizer


Adult Education on Sundays

wayne-roosa-art-lpcwebSeveral times during the year we host noted speakers, e.g., artists, seminary professors, missionaries and others, who help us connect Christian faith with contemporary culture. Topics have ranged from spirituality in contemporary art to a Fuller Seminary professor bringing biblical balance to end times predictions. Adult Education is offered throughout the year at 10AM Sunday mornings in Tankersley Hall.

CLICK HERE to see what’s coming next!

For more information, contact: Rev. Kathy Sizer


Spiritual Direction

Photo of a small table with candles and a bible

Spiritual direction is an opportunity to discover what God’s will is now for your life, with the help of a trained companion. What is God doing in your life? Where is your life’s best purpose? Often questions such as “Why is this or that happening?” are brought into the journey as you explore together God’s particular leading.

Spiritual direction often helps you to find answers to questions such as:

• What are the signs of God’s direction for me this year, month, week?
• Why don’t I feel loved by God?
• If this is my one and only life, how can I know the will of God?

Usually meetings are once a month in a one-to-one relationship where you discern together the leading of God’s spirit in your life. Working with a helper enhances your awareness and experience of God’s presence in your life and helps you structure ways to deepen your spiritual maturity.

For more information, contact: Rev. Kathy Sizer