Reel Talk: Reel to Real

Reel Talk is an opportunity chance to bring our faith to bear on perhaps the most culturally influential medium in American culture – Hollywood movies. Reel Talk was started during the CoVid-19 pandemic as a way for us to gather via Zoom to discuss movies that present us with difficult cultural, theological, philosophical, and ethical issues.

Reel Talk is open to the pubic. We do ask that you watch the movie before the discussion. Discussion will be led by individuals who have special knowledge or experience in the subject matter of the movie, and moderated by an LPC staff member.

Groundhog Day – Sept 25 – 7 pm via Zoom – Virtual Lobby at 6:40 pm

“Well it’s COVID day… again!” 

In Harold Ramis’s 1993 comedy classic Groundhog Day, the arrogant weatherman Phil Connors wakes up in a boring, small town––only to live out the same day again…. and again, and again. And again.

Sound familiar? 

We conceive of our lives with past experiences and future goals, potentials and possibilities, Christmas, summer break, patterns of work and rest. What do we do when the difference between past and future breaks down? When our sense of time muddies into the endless repetition of a seemingly infinite present? How do we live ethically when our sense of control flies out the window?

We’re all reckoning with these questions, explored in Groundhog Day. Come join us for a conversation about this sweet and hilarious classic, as we think about how to live well when God’s timing so radically differs from our own, and in which God calls us to restructure our lives from impatience to trust––and care for neighbor, as we humbly wait. 

Everyone is invited to watch the movie before Friday the 25th and then join in the discussion. Interested? Zoom link will be sent via email on September 25th at 3pm. If you do not receive our weekly emails, please click here to sign-up for the email notification.

Groundhog Day is available for free on Amazon Prime. You may also rent it for $3.99 on YouTube, iTunes and Google Play. Rated PG, Comedy/Romance ‧ 1h 41m

Discussion led by Beth Pinney and Kathy Sizer. We welcome back Nathan Roberts.

Nathan Roberts is a PhD Candidate in the Film and Visual Studies program at Harvard University  studying the connection between media and relational ethics. He believes that film has the power to forge aesthetic bonds that help us reconsider relational possibilities. At NYU, he studied with the author Zadie Smith  and he has taught multiple iterations of the course “Media Journalism: Aesthetics and Ethics, Race and Politics” for Harvard Summer School. His previous writing on media, race, and Christianity can be found here.