DIGIN_LogoThis fall we will be using the new DIG IN curriculum from Group Publishing. Children of all ages interact with the Bible in every lesson. Each Sunday, children will walk away retelling the stories they’ve learned and take home completed activities to share with their family. Our Sunday School is led by volunteer parents and members of LPC. We are so thankful for all the support of our volunteers.

Please contact us if you are interested in leading a Sunday School class. Resources are designed so that leaders can take one look at the material, feel prepared, and know they will be successful.

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Nursery care at Laguna Presbyterian strives to start the child’s journey at the local church with loving care. As toddlers become walkers and early preschoolers, a simply story and lesson, along with a craft and music, is the environment provided. Our goal is to make every child feel welcomed, with a priority to keep them safe and help comfort any separation anxiety. We believe strong communication with parents is important.



Easter 2015Children are given a more in-depth exposure to the people and events in the Bible. There is an emphasis on teaching and demonstrating prayer. By the end of the year each child should be comfortable praying aloud. The children will also be introduced to the Lord’s Prayer and continue to have a deeper focus on the meaning. Children will develop an understanding of why we learn the prayer and what each line means. By 2nd grade children will have memorized John 3:16 and it’s significance. Children will be using their Bible each Sunday during class.

This is also a special time during music where children will begin to learn the Doxology.


3rd – 5th GRADE

Beginning in the 3rd grade, children will sing the Old Testament “Books of the Bible” song, as well as recite The Lord’s Prayer with the congregation. In the spring they receive their Bible, with a special dedication from our Pastors. In the following years they will review the 10 Commandments and learn how to apply them in their daily lives. Students will also receive instruction on the meaning of communion, as well as participate in receiving communion with the congregation. Learning the Apostle’s Creed and the New Testament books of the Bible will be objectives / goals of their final years in the elementary program.

Children will be encouraged to get involved in the larger church and outreach programs. These are important years where children are learning to apply God’s word in solving problems – at school as well as with family and friends.