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Welcome! You will find all our worship services, including the most recent, right here! Our weekly online service is typically posted by 6 a.m. PST every Sunday. Mid-week Services will post before the online designated time (typically, our mid-week services are at 7 p.m.) Laguna Presbyterian Church welcomes everyone to join us online for worship and adult education during this time of CoVid-19.

May God bless as you join in worship.

Worship Service for Sunday, June 13, 2021

We continue our series in the Book of Acts, “The Emerging Post-Pandemic Church.” Steve Sweet’s message is in Acts 5:12-21: “The Message of Life.” Jesus’ mission for the church is that we would be a life-giving presence in the world. Rev. Steve Sweet explores what that means for us as disciples and together as God’s people, the ekklesia, the church.

Worship and Music for June 13, 2021 (PDF) Web

This passage is a fantastic snapshot of what community looked like in the early church, the first months of the early church after Pentecost. Luke tells us the Holy Spirit has been at work through the apostles, and day by day, the Lord added to their number. Luke writes of the early church, “They were of one heart and one soul.” Isn’t that our hope for the church in our day? How might we participate in that?

Music is lead by our Chancel Choir and our Praise Team. LPC member Dr. George Chandy reads the scripture this morning. Tom Magill, LPC elder, shares ways to be generous givers with our financial resources through tax-advantaged ways of giving: Appreciated Assets and Qualified Charitable Distributions.

Wendy Huntley gives chancel flowers in loving memory of her husband, David.

Virtual Offering Plate, 2021

To contribute online (Click Here). We are extremely grateful for your partnership in the mission and ministry of Laguna Presbyterian Church. Thank you in advance for your faithful generosity in preparing us for fruitful days ahead. 

Imagine the Impact 2021Commitment 2021, Imagine the Impact: Loving God and Neighbor

We invite you to invest in sharing the good news to partner in ministry with Laguna Presbyterian Church in 2021. Come, imagine what God can do through us! Nothing is impossible with God. (Mark 10:47)

Leading in the Liturgy

Chancel Choir, Abigail Garcia, Olivia Garcia, Isaac Manriquez (Vocals), George Chandy (Scripture), Tom Magill (Stewardship), Sookyung Bang (Organist/Pianist), Thor Fay (Drums, Bass), Anne Herzog (Preschool Director), Linda White (Flute, Dir. of Choirs/Online Video Worship Ministry), Beth Pinney (Vocals, Guitar, Director of Worship), Nathan Sweet (Videographer) and Thor Fay (Sound Technician), Caroline and Michael Millson (Prayer Ministry)

Rev. Dr. Steve Sweet (Senior Pastor) and Rev. Dr. Kathy Sizer (Associate Pastor) 


Mindfulness Spirituality Series

Video Posting welcomes all to join in the Adult Education, mindfulness series, and other activities during this time of CoVid-19. Our mission and ministries continue even though we can not physically gather.



100th Anniversary Video – December 3, 2017 (CLICK HERE)

Video Postling

Radiant Spring by Anna Hills

This video tells a visual history of the men and women who laid the foundation for Laguna Presbyterian Church. The story is told through the use of historic photos gathered from the 1890s through the 1970s. Added to that collection are many contemporary photos taken over the years of the mission and ministries of Laguna Presbyterian Church and photos from this year, 2017, as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of LPC at various gatherings and through various outreach ministries. We are indebted to Jim Hind, our LPC Historian, Rick Lang, and John Cullings, our photographers by profession and ministry (music credits at the end of the video). Enjoy!



Video Postings“Majesty and Wonder” Music:  How Great Thou Art, S. Hine, arr. Dan Forrest (CLICK HERE for VIDEO)

Featuring “Canyons and Cathedrals: A Montage of Original Photographs” by John Wilkerson

The recording was done in worship on June 16, 2013, using an iPhone 4s and transferred to iMovie and Quicktime by Beth Pinney.


Margie Bell and the Altuzarra family share how Laguna Presbyterian Church has impacted their lives. Stories of faith, family, and the church.

Paid in Full • Alive for Mission, Margie Bell

Paid in Full • Alive for Mission, Gus, Kelly, and Charlie Altuzarra