Children of Tumaini

Children of TumainiTumaini Children’s Home

Laguna Presbyterian Church  has a long standing connection with the Children of Tumaini that began with the Very Rev. Bernard Muindi. The Presbyterian pastor cared deeply for the destitute and orphaned children living at the Tumaini Children’s Home in Nyeri, Kenya, Africa. It is sad to say that Rev. Bernard Muindi passed away on June 11, 2017 at the age of 82, but our missionary program remains strong.

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Learn more about Child Sponsorship, please contact Ken Cornelison.


Children of TumainiRev. Muindi founded the Tumaini Children’s Home in Nyeri, Kenya, Africa in 2000. The home opened its doors to the less fortunate children in the community. LPC has supported the Tumaini Children’s Home for many years through our Mission Outreach Committee. In 2012, LPC also started a Child Sponsorship program for the children at the Tumaini Children’s Home. Many members of LPC and others sponsor individual children from the home.

Meet a few of the Children of Tumaini in their photos and letters below.

Children of Tumaini

Tumaini Children's Home