Events at Laguna Presbyterian Preschool

Parent Meeting

Child painting

Our version of Back-to-School-Night. This is your opportunity, as parents, to come to your child’s classroom, meet the teacher(s), sign up for snack, and get the basic information you will need to help make your child’s preschool experience a successful one!


Visiting Day

Looking forward to preschoolPrior to the first day of school, we hold a visiting day. This is a chance for your child to take a look around his/her new classroom, meet the teacher(s), and meet some classmates before the first day of school. This helps cut down on some anxiety your child may feel leading up to the big day!


Hearing/Speech/Vision Screening

Each year, we offer screening in the areas of hearing, speech and vision for your child. This is an optional screening performed by Southern California Sensory Screening for a nominal fee.


Christmas Program

You won’t want to miss this! Each year, we culminate our learning and celebration of the birth of Jesus with a Christmas Program. The program is filled with music (sung by the children) and ends with a presentation of the Christmas Story, as portrayed by our students.


School Readiness and Developmental Testing

Each year, in January, Chancy and Bruce Developmental Testing comes to our school to perform optional developmental testing for a nominal fee. They are renowned in the area of early childhood development and provide a snapshot of where your child is developmentally.  This is a helpful tool if you, or your teacher, have any concerns regarding your child’s progress. It is also helpful if you are on the fence regarding kindergarten and is required by many private schools for admittance.


School Readiness and Developmental Testing, Parent Meeting

Shortly after the developmental testing takes place, we will have an informational parent meeting. Here you will receive the results of your child’s test, and a representative from Chancy and Bruce will give an overview of what it all means.


Dad and Me Day

This is a fun-filled special day for dads and their children! This event will be the first Saturday in June, and provides Dads an opportunity to experience preschool with their child. The event is an hour in duration, and teachers take you through each part of the day giving you a completely hands-on experience!


Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences begin in February. This is a chance for you and your child’s teacher to sit down and discuss how your child is doing in school, which skills he/she has mastered and which he/she is still working on. It’s a great time to ask any questions you may have regarding your child and his/her development.


Open House

Open House is your opportunity to visit your child’s classroom and see the culmination of his/her experience. All are welcome to attend and all classrooms are open to view!  Our school is closed on this day so the teachers can put the finishing touches on the rooms.


Pajama Day

We have a tradition of Pajama Days following our Open House. Everyone is invited to wear their favorite PJs (teachers too!) to school!  We ask that everyone wear regular footwear for safety.


Parent Orientation

This is a mandatory meeting for all parents with children attending Laguna Presbyterian Preschool the following year.


End of Year Get-Together

It has become tradition for us to have a special end-of-year get-together at Bluebird Park. All are welcome to attend! Teachers and staff look forward to seeing you and your child in a relaxed, fun setting to celebrate the beginning of summer. Supervision is not provided at this event.