FAQsFAQ’s Here are answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes, we are a PEANUT-FREE school.  No items containing peanuts in any form will be allowed.


FAQ’S and Answers

Is there an opening for my child?

Individual classroom enrollment can change during the course of a year, or a classroom registration can remain constant. Please call the Preschool Office, 949.494.0504 to check if there are openings for your child.


Will my child be “playing” or “learning”?

The preschool years are important periods of development for children. Children learn through exploring, experimenting, and expressing themselves.

Our diverse and developmentally appropriate program offers the following activities to form a strong basis for school readiness:

Chapel is a special time when children hear Bible stories and learn worship songs and how to feel comfortable with prayer.

Language is encouraged, both expressively and receptively, through the use of dramatic play, blocks, creative art, literature, problem solving and social interactions.

Fine motor skills necessary for writing are strengthened with activities such as cutting with scissors, playdough, finger plays, stringing beads, and art.

FAQ'sPerceptual and conceptual development are improved with the introduction of science, solving puzzles, and literature.

Gross motor development enhances growth of large muscles with tricycle riding, balance bikes, running, jumping, climbing and sliding on our playground and grass areas.

Each teacher utilizes songs and creative movement that develop listening skills, recall skills, rhythm patterns and phonemic awareness—building blocks to early literacy.

In short, what may seem like play is development and learning.


Will my child learn about God?FAQ's

We are a Christian preschool and enjoy sharing our love of God with his greatest gifts, children.  Christian principles are interwoven into our everyday curriculum.  In addition, we meet once a month for a special all-school chapel with all classes.  Parents are always invited and welcome to attend.


Do you provide snacks and lunches?

We do not provide meals or snacks to our students. 
Packed lunches must be provided by parents. Contents should be easily opened and ready to eat. In addition, each child signs up to bring snack throughout the year.  When it is your child’s week, please provide a healthy snack, drink and any utensils that will be needed. This is also a special time for your child to be the “leader” in class.

We are a PEANUT FREE school.  No items containing peanuts in any form will be allowed.


Does my child have to be potty trained?

Beginning in the Fall of 2018, LPP will have a toddler classroom for children as young as two years of age who are not yet potty trained. 

All older classroom children must use the bathroom and take care of their own needs. Extra assistance and frequent reminders are given to the younger classes.


What holidays and days are you closed?

Please refer to our Calendar.  (CLICK HERE)


Do you offer tours?FAQ's

Yes! We love to give tours and they are offered Monday – Friday.


What is the cost?

Registration and Tuition. (CLICK HERE)


What hours are you open?

8AM – 12PM, Monday – Friday
Early Enrichment Program: 8 – 9AM

School hours:  9AM – 12NOON
Extended Day: 12NOON – 4:30PM


How do I contact Laguna Presbyterian Preschool?

Email: Anne Herzog, Preschool Director

In Person:  Laguna Presbyterian Preschool
415 Forest Avenue
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Phone: 949.494.0504