Registration / Tuition

Laguna Presbyterian Preschool Future LPP Parents, 

Welcome to LPP! Thank you for choosing us to partner with you and your family to provide your child’s first school experience. 

We are grateful to have been able to provide quality early learning experiences for our community during the 2020-21 school year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of this letter, we are still in the pandemic and still operating under specific guidelines set for by the California Department of Public Health. The health and safety of our students and staff is a top priority. We have re-designed our spaces to allow for social distancing, increased our cleaning protocols, created new schedules to prevent co-mingling of classes, and employed new software for touchless check-in/out. Through these changes, we have continued to provide quality care for our students and have found great joy in a challenging time while doing so. 

Laguna Presbyterian Preschool is blessed to have dedicated and knowledgeable staff working, creating, and learning to provide your children the best quality program possible. We continue to strive for Christ-centered, developmentally sound classrooms to ensure a creative, loving, and appropriate learning experience for every child. 

Anne Herzog, Preschool Director

Questions, please contact Anne Herzog by email at
Phone: 949.494.0504

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Laguna Presbyterian Preschool Forms for 2021-2022 (PDFs)

2021-22 Fall Registration Information

LPP Authorization to Treat

LPP Registration Form 2021-22


Current forms from the California Department of Social Services (PDFs)

CA State Identification Emergency

CA State Parent Report

CA State Parents’ Rights

CA State Personal Rights

CA State Physician Report

Tuition and Fees 

Laguna Presbyterian PreschoolRegistration, emergency/incidental, and PreK supply fees are due with your registration form and will be collected via Tuition Express, our automatic payment system. If you choose the 10 monthly payments, the first payment will be due August 1, 2021. Payments will continue through May 1, 2022 (with no payment due in June 2022). This 10 monthly payment format is assumed. If you wish to pay your tuition in full or make different arrangements, please contact our office. 

2-Day Preschool (T/Th) – $3000/year or $300/month x 10 months 

2-Day Preschool non-toilet trained (T/Th) – $3750/year or $375/month x 10 months 

3-Day Preschool (M/W/F) – $4500/year or $450/month x 10 months 

3-Day Preschool non-toilet trained (M/W/F) – $5600/year or $560/month x 10 months 

5-Day Preschool (M-F) – $7500/year or $750/month x 10 months 

3-Day Pre-K (M/W/F) – $4500/year or $450/month x 10 months 

5-Day Pre-K (M-F) – $7500/year or $750/month x 10 months 

5-Day Developmental Kindergarten (M-F) – $8500/year or $850/month x 10 months 

Early Morning Enrichment – 8am $20/day, 8:30am $15/day 

Extended Day – $15/hour (billed in one hour increments) 

Sibling Discounts 

    • 10% off tuition for sibling(s) 
    • 50% off extended day for sibling(s) 

Registration Fee (non-refundable) 

    • $150 (new students) 
    • $100 (returning students) 
    • $100 (new sibling) 
    • $50 (returning sibling) 

Emergency/Incidental fees (non-refundable) – $50 

PreK supply fee – $50 


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